McDonald’s™ ambition is that all packaging and organic materials from the restaurants,
to be part of the circular economy rather than waste.

McDonald’s™ becomes the first food retail network
to implement the “Just Go Zero” programme in cooperation with Polygreen,
to minimize and recycle waste from the restaurants,
including packaging and food waste from guests and the kitchen.

At the McDonald’s™ restaurants, special recycling bins have been placed
to separate the waste in 5 main categories:
papers, liquids, plastics, organics and mixed.

You simply place the waste in the respective categories.

Polygreen then collects and transfers the waste to their facilities.

To offer them a second life!

The future for all of us is a world with ZERO WASTE and it is in our hands to make it happen.

ZERO WASTE2- kados

Clean packaging is placed in the “Papers” category.

The remaining beverages are placed in the “Liquids” category.

The water bottles? In “Plastics”.

The food remains are placed in “Organics”.

The used packaging and the used cups go into the “Mixed”.

Learn more about the “Just Go Zero” programme
that is implemented in the McDonald’s™ restaurants from the video below:

McDonald’s™ restaurants participating in the program are:
Dion. Areopagitou and Doukissis Plakentias.
Soon, more McDonald’s™ restaurants will be added to the “Just Go Zero” programme. 

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