Sunday = Sunday Playday!

All Day!

Now on Sunday at McDonald’s™ you can buy a McMenu™ and enjoy one Happy Meal™ for FREE!
A playful day full of smiles! This is what we call Sunday Playday!

*The McMenu™ consists of the below products:
a Big Mac™ or a McChicken™ or a Deluxe Burger or a Quarter Pounder™ with cheese or 6 pcs. Chicken McNuggets™
or a Filet-o-Fish™ in combination with a portion of medium fries or Deluxe fries or a side salad and a medium soft drink (400ml).

The “Mood Of The Day” activation is valid until 17/04/2022.

The offers are repeatable and can be redeemed according to the Terms and Conditions which are described at the relative section of the ΜcDonald’s™ App and only at the participating restaurants.