Lovin’ the McDonald’s App? Make sure to protect your account by activating the Two-Factor Authentication feature! In this way, you can continue using the app without the additional worry of losing your account!

What is Two-Factor Authentication protection?​

We will be introducing a second factor of security for our users, besides their password, in order to better protect user data.

The “2nd factor” for you to protect your account from now will be the email address, which you will need to verify in order to continue using the features and good deals on the McDonald’s App.

How do you activate the Two-Factor Authentication protection on your account?

It's easy - we'll guide you through it!





Is it mandatory to activate the
Two-Factor Authentication?

Yes and no. We understand that these steps might be inconvenient sometimes, which is why it will be possible to continue using our good deals and features without the Two-Factor Authentication until 1.11.2020.
After this it will be a mandatory step for all our users, and without it you will no longer be able to use your account without activating the additional protection.

Thank you to all who have already taken the necessary steps in order to make sure that their account is safe and protected!

For more information regarding our safety policies, please read our McDonald’s Application “Privacy Policy” from the link below!

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