It’s a Happy Meal!

Our delicious Happy Meal™ selection comes with a special toy or book for your child to get the most out of his/her adventure at McDonald’s™.

Book or toy? It’s up to you!

The Toys

The aliens have arrived and are trying to take over the world. Will they manage to get everyone to agree with the queen?

The adventure beings as brother and sister engage in inventive play and create a power struggle.

Will they solve their differences and defeat the aliens? Join the fun with these Lego 2 Toys available with every Happy Meal™! We will have two different ones every week till the 1st of March 2019.

Duplo Alien I
Ultra Kitty
Wonder Woman
Sweet Mayhem
Duplo Alien II

The Books

McDonald’s™ has teamed up with the world-renowned author Cressida Cowell, famous for her How To Train Your Dragon series. Twelve standalone stories, exclusive to McDonald’s will be available throughout 2019 with every Happy Meal™.


With two new titles available every eight weeks, The Treetop Twin Adventures are sure to keep you entertained. Meet a different dinosaur in each book while enjoying colourful illustrations and fun facts about the dinosaur. 

The Treetop Twins Adventures: The Twins Take on T. Rex
Meet the Treetop family for the first time as the twins encounter a baby dinosaur and soon discover its Mum is a rather large T. Rex who wants her baby back!
The Treetop Twins Adventures: The Twins Discover a Diplodocus
The Treetop twins find an egg and follow the dinosaur footprints to try and discover who it belongs to, but who is following them?